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Victor Tretyakov
1) I propose to include in the course division about peculiarities of the English language for scientific articles 2) to include brief division about rules of business correspondence with colleagues and scientific conference-organizing committee, and stuff of scientific journals 3) to include brief division about international rules for a presentation arrangement.
Konstantin Silantyev
This course is well-balanced, affects different aspects of the teaching process and the features of conducting classes for international students. The course keeps up to date and corresponds to world-wide approaches in teaching students in English. Continue to work with such a variety of technologies and techniques (individual, group work and work with video fragments) aimed at developing English-language skills and abilities of students
Olga Kruglikova
For me this course is close to the ideal one and I really appreciate the manner of teaching and the atmosphere. I would like to suggest only one thing – one of my personal problem in English is the lack of lexica, therefor I need a little bit more tasks dedicated to the familiarization with new expressions and idioms. Thank you very much for the course!!!
Kristina Minkova
Dear Elena Gennadievna,
I was enjoying the course immensely, and I wish it was much much longer! I have got so many useful hints and ideas both from you and from the course participants!!!
I did not mark group activities because they were very useful in terms of ideas and communication with my very smart colleagues, but they were hardly of any use in terms of speaking as I was leading almost in every group or pair. I’m not sure it is possible to make language requirements more strict, and probably for colleagues with weaker English skills, communication with those who speak better is very beneficial, but I sometimes found it embarrassing. I do like everyone in the group, but it is very painful to listen to people who distort the language. Maybe it is because of my delicate ear for music. I wonder if it is possible to have a sort of advance course for those who speak freely. I’d love to participate in such course!
Maria Yakovleva
I consider this course as a very well-structured from a didactical point of view. The use of different techniques and various tasks (listening, speaking, discussing, writing) allowed us to improve the language skills at different levels, and the constant English-speaking practice was very valuable and really helpful. The teacher’s personal characteristics and attitude worth a special mentioning; thank you for being so sympathetic, non-judgemental, for reminding that we are among friends and for finding kind and sincere words for everyone.
The switch to distance-learning was most unfortunate, I think we lost a lot because of it, especially the chance to communicate freely with each other, but everything possible and impossible was made by the teacher to make the very best of it.
Antonina Chetverova
Dear Elena,
I want to say thank you a lot for the great job you did for us! Needless to say that it is the best English course in my life!
All your classes have been very helpful for my pedagogical practice both in English and in Russian. I’ve changed my opinion about my professional competences and I’ve got a new ones. It definitely has forced me to go further developing my professional skills.
The only thing I could maybe suggest is to have more recommended videos for a homework because all of you recommendation was very useful for me personally and I enjoyed them

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