Тестирование по английскому языку

Сейчас Вы пройдете тест на определения уровня владения английским языком.

Продолжительность теста — 45 минут.
Объем теста — 100 вопросов.

Как проходит тестирование? Для каждого вопроса нужно выбрать правильный ответ из предложенных вариантов. Если Вы не уверены в выборе ответа, лучше перейти к следующему вопросу. 

Помните: тест - это не экзамен на оценку; нам важно узнать Ваш уровень, чтобы предложить те из наших программ, которые подходят именно Вам.

До завершения тестирования осталось:

1. Water ... at 100 degrees Celsius.

2. In some countries ... at 100 degrees Celsius.

3. In cold climates people have to wear thick coats ... warm.

4. We have ... house at the seaside.

5. My sister ... to the cinema almost every day.

6. Would you like some tea? There is still ... left.

7. He always has coffee with ... milk.

8. I think mountaineering is ... dangerous activity.

9. ... people can't imagine their lives without computers nowadays.

10. He was left alone, with ... to look after him.

11. We never ... a television when I was a child.

12. By the age of 18, he ... to become a doctor.

13. His parents ... change his career plans when he became a champion.

14. If he ... so stubborn, he wouldn't have been fired.

15. Is Delhi the capital of India? - I think ... .

16. How about going to the new nightclub? - There is no ... I'm going.

17. Our employees take their responsibilities very ... .

18. John is writing ... .

19. Can I make myself a cup of coffee? - Of course. You ... to ask.

20. Do you remember that we ... to the theatre tonight?

21. We had ... hard time trying to dissuade him that we finally gave up.

22. He ... a lot of sport in his free time.

23. Having ... his driving test three times, Peter finally decided to take some more lessons with his instructor.

24. I don't get ... sleep, I feel exhausted.

25. I've got a terrible headache! - Have you tried ... some painkillers?

26. We have ... returned from the trip to Italy. It was amazing!

27. When she was a child, she ... sit in the garden for hours reading a book.

28. She arrived late, ... was really annoying.

29. Could I change my appointment? ... time on Monday is fine.

30. Whose keys are they? - They are ... .

31. I ... to be the key speaker at the conference, but I have fallen ill.

32. When he ... , pass him this message, it's urgent.

33. This dictionary ... be mine. Mine has got my initials on the front page.

34. By the time we arrive at the airport, our plane ... .

35. I was wondering ... I could ask a favour of you?

36. I can't eat this seafood; I ... ordered something more traditional.

37. Now we are dependent ... satellites for all kinds of information.

38. They have put the parrot in a cage in order to ... it from flying away.

39. Some married couples seem to get more ... over the years.

40. Sam ... to play football tomorrow.

41. You'll soon get used to her manner, ... everyone else.

42. I'd rather we ... meet this evening, I'm very tired.

43. I suggest we ... outside the concert hall in the evening.

44. ... anywhere interesting recently?

45. Charles ... our team in 2005.

46. I don't think the colours of the tie and the shirt ... together.

47. There aren't ... easy ways to become a millionaire.

48. Both children ... born in Paris.

49. My son, ... is four, has just started at nursery school.

50. We are not used to ... to such expensive clubs.

51. Many teachers ... their students should be more ambitious.

52. Learning a second language is not the same ... learning a first language.

53. Chinese is said to be the world's ... language to master.

54. In the restaurant we paid ... credit card.

55. This music always ... me of my trip to Hawaii.

56. History is difficult to learn because of all the dates ... have to be memorized.

57. He had changed so much that ... anyone recognized him.

58. Many adult students wish they ... more diligent at school.

59. You shouldn't be out ... your own at this time of night at your age.

60. I prefer to go to the cinema ... watch films at home.

61. Some students try to improve their pronunciation by ... the BBC programmes.

62. I like this apartment but the ... is too expensive for me.

63. It's no use ... to master a language just by learning words or phrases.

64. I ... apply for this position.

65. Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is crucial, ... business you are in.

66. John ... for this company for 20 years so far.

67. It's time we all ... that environment protection is a global issue.

68. ... his qualifications and experience, he was not given the job.

69. Anyone ... after the beginning of the play is not allowed in until the interval.

70. You can borrow my laptop ... you promise to return it by tomorrow evening.

71. He'd like to stay here for a couple of years, or, ... he puts it, until he has earned enough money to set up his own business.

72. We'd better not stay up late tonight, ... ?

73. I ... near the station when suddenly a police car arrived.

74. Fortunately, ... from some bruises on her arm and leg, she suffered no serious injuries from the accident.

75. If the taxi hadn't stopped for us, we ... standing there in in the rain.

76. The clock was the first complex mechanical machinery to enter the home, ... it was too expensive for the average person until the 19th century.

77. He turned ... to be considerably younger than I had imagined.

78. The water pipes in the house are in urgent ... of replacement.

79. If he hadn't eaten so much, he ... so sick now.

80. I had lived in India, so I was used to ... on the left side of the road.

81. I'm sorry. I ... you about the changes in the dates of the conference but I forgot.

82. He wants to get an apartment near the hospital ... get to work easily.

83. He is looking for a job that will give him a bigger ... .

84. Linda wants to know if she could bring a friend of ... to the party.

85. She has a very good job, she earns a thousand pounds ... week.

86. My cousin, ... was born abroad, now lives quite near us.

87. I wanted to call her, but she ... give me her phone number.

88. Your secretary rang ... you that you are meeting the clients at six.

89. By the time they ... the law, the damage will have been done.

90. They are not sure if they ... in this house for another couple of years.

91. I think I'm expected to pick him up, ... ?

92. Very rarely ... here in summer.

93. It's ... likely that this novel will win a literary prize.

94. We were ... for half an hour in a traffic jam and so we arrived late.

95. Those boys climbed up the ... tower last night.

96. They made a serious mistake and their opponents took ... of it.

97. I can't find my umbrella. I ... it on the bus.

98. He has been ... from the company because of his smoking.

99. I ... of the way he behaved at the last meeting.

100. I don’t know how much this CD costs because the price label has ... .

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